Build Your Fan Base


They want to hear about your platform before they will even look at your content!

“Platform” is industry jargon for “a large, growing fan base.” It could be any combination of these:

If you’re a paid speaker, how many speeches did you do last year? How many attended?
Are you a columnist or a blogger? How often? For whom? How many people follow you?
Are you a celebrity in the world?
A known expert in your field?
Is the company you own or run a household brand name?
Do you host a show or appear frequently on radio or television?
Do you have your own sizable mailing list?
How many people follow you on social media and how engaged are they?
Obviously, the more of those an author has, the more appealing their book is to publishers. That’s because for the publishing industry, your book is a business investment. Authors with platforms minimize the business risk.

Even if the author ends up choosing to self-publish, the size of the platform will determine the success of the book. The average self-published book sells only 117 copies! That is because the author neglected to build their platform before rushing to press.

More than 560,000 new books were published and self-published last year. Without a platform, it is almost impossible that any one book will be found by readers unless you have a platform.

By leveraging your natural talent and investing some elbow grease, you will soon discover that building a growing platform is easier than you think. Keller Media has helped hundreds of writers build impressive platforms that attract buyers, whether the author started out self-published or has come to us seeking representation.

A platform is the single best predictor of your book’s future success.

Build your platform, sell your book. It’s as simple as that.

Rent Wendy’s Brain

Are you an author or hoping to be one? Finally, you can get some candid, practical, specific advice about your book, proposal, and platform from your new “friend in the business.” Talk with Wendy for an hour and she’ll help you get pointed in the right direction for your book. Wendy will help you understand the obstacles in your way and craft a customized plan for overcoming them.

Strategic Visilibity: Get Noticed and Be Heard

Master the basics of platform building, even if you don’t even have a website yet or have never written a blog.

  • Growing a Presence on Social Media
  • List Building: Getting Fans to Subscribe
  • Getting on Radio and TV before and after publication
  • Writing articles and getting interviewed in Print
  • Starting paid speaking or doing your own live events
The Ultimate Guide to Platform Building

How to choose the right platform based on who you are and what you like to do and the step-by-step method to build exactly what you like. Designed for authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, professionals and small business people in any country, with any amount of talent or resources, this book will give you the power to build a compelling platform quickly.

  • How to Pick a Platform Strategy That Suits You – and see if it is working right
  • The Best Ways to Get People to Rush to Support Everything You Do
  • Get Yourself on Radio and Television Shows – starting now, before your book even releases
  • Using “Freemiums” to Quickly Launch Your Platform
  • Launch Yourself as a Speaker, Trainer, or Thought Leader
  • Lots More!