Submission Guidelines


The #1 reason most authors get rejected is simply because the author pitched a book in a genre that agency does not represent.

We ONLY represent nonfiction books intended for adults.

ALL traditional publishers now require the author to have “platform” before they will acquire your book. Therefore, ALL agents now require the same. A “platform” means some healthy combination of these factors:

20+ Paid Speaking Engagements per year + Social media following in excess of 200K aggregate across all platforms + “Thought Leader” status in your industry + A house mailing list of +50,000 people + Some current media coverage related to the topic of your book + A signed contract with a film studio + Many podcast appearances per year + You are the host of a top-rated podcast or TV Show + Well-followed writer for a prominent digital or print publication.  

If you do not have this level of success in your subject matter yet, please click here for help (or give up and just self-publish!) 

We WELCOME book ideas in these subject areas:

(IF you have a platform as per above)

  • BUSINESS (sales, management, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, career building or finance)
  • SELF-HELP AND PSYCHOLOGY (parenting, relationships, diet, feel better, improve your memory, grief recovery, effective studying, get happier, stop worrying, overcome abuse, etc.)
  • HISTORY (all countries, epochs, events and civilizations)
  • SCIENCE & NATURE (NOT including memoirs by or about your pet)
  • HEALTH (NOT personal stories of illness, recovery or care giving)
  • POLITICS (your impeccable high-level credentials are mandatory)
  • HOW-TO (most subjects welcome)
Please DO NOT send hard copy manuscripts or your self-published book without an invitation to do so! We recycle them unread.

We do NOT represent:

  • Fiction of any kind
  • Screenplays
  • Poetry (at all, never, no thanks!)
  • Juvenile (no books intended for children or young adults)
  • Your life story, memoir, autobiography or fictionalized autobiography
  • True crime or any books written by or about incarcerated people
  • Books focused on Christian, Jewish, or Muslim readers
  • Personal stories about your spiritual or travel journey (unless you have +50,000 verifiable, active followers)
  • Personal stories about how you survived any kind of abuse, addiction, mental or physical illness or what it was like to care for someone who did – unless you have an MD, a PhD and/or an active therapy practice
  • Gritty books about war, violence (especially against women), or extreme human cruelty. No hate-mongering
If you send us any of the above, you won’t hear back from us. We’re not rude. You’re just not paying attention, which is decidedly unprofessional of you.

What is a Book Proposal?

Nonfiction books are sold via a document called a “book proposal”.  The book proposal is a sales document that convinces the agent and then the publishing house that your book will be a profitable investment.  If you don’t have a proposal written, just click here.

Not ready to show us your book?

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