Our Philosophy


Thanks for taking time to read about our philosophy. It will help you make a decision when choosing the right team of experts to help you achieve your goals as an author, speaker, coach, consultant or thought leader.

When I began this agency in 1989, I already was an award-winning print journalist.  I’d worked for newspapers, magazines, and for PRNewswire.  Those experiences had taught me that one must always write and edit from the perspective of “What does the reader want?” and “What will interest them the most?”  If the copy wasn’t compelling, readership would plummet and advertisers would evaporate.

While the methods of communication have changed a lot since then, the same core principle applies to you and your book: Will someone pay $25 hard-earned bucks to buy your book?  Why? What’s in it for them? Can you prove it? Why would they buy your book instead of just gather whatever knowledge they can from the internet? What do you bring to your subject that is of sufficient value?

Your “platform” is proof that people like what you have to say, will pay money for it and that publishing your book will be a smart business decision. In fact, every New York publisher will ask us about your “platform” the moment we or any other agency starts to pitch your book. Editors’ jobs depend on finding books that will make money for their publishing houses.  If you have a platform, it signals to everyone that your book won’t flop. 

A “platform” means “a large, growing group of fans who like your perspective and want more.”  You can prove that there are people who already like what you’re writing by having any variety fo “proof”, such as paid speaking engagements, a big social media following, TV or other media appearances, a large YouTube following, teaching at a university or many other methods that prove people are interested in your perspective on your subject. To be a successful author, you’ll need a platform even if you end up forced to self-publish your work. There is no chance of corner-cutting.

To get publishers to pay attention to your book, and therefore to attract us or any other agency, you must have enough going on in your platform. We have to believe you know what you’re talking about and you are saying it in a way that makes the world listen. The power of the publishing industry can help you exponentially expand your reach, help more fans find out about your work, and grow your platform. you have to have a little bit going to get this huge massive benefit from the publishing industry.

You could be the world’s greatest writer, but if you’re trying to sell nonfiction in this brave new publishing world, you won’t get a deal without a platform. The solution? Build a platform!  Even a small one is better than nothing. 

A majority of agents with my decades of experience rest on their laurels. We make most of our money on residuals from the books we’ve sold and books our biggest clients will write next year.  But I believe in new talent.  I believe in new writers.  I believe the next greatest thing really IS around the next corner. 

So here at Keller Media, we do two things:

First, we actively attract high quality new talent.  We prefer working with exceptional people with huge platforms.  This might be lots of paid speeches, frequent media, huge social media impact, international business success, professorship at a major university, prominent awards, some other notoriety. I understand and admire what it took for you to get where you are today.  We love to support, enhance, and expand the brand identity of brilliant, accomplished Big Thinkers of the World. Your books are precious to the world and the industry We welcome you with open arms.

Second, I personally enjoy nurturing promising new talent.  The biggest distance between you and a publisher’s contract is usually your platform.  Agents want to see the kinds of platforms that will make publishers write checks, because that’s how we all get paid.  Go here to see all the great ways to build your platform. Huge platforms are achieved by setting goals, making and implementing plans, checking that it is working, making modifications, growing.  The most talented people Keller Media represents are active, eager learners!  They are striving daily to make their books, their businesses and their world a better place.

If you’ve got a passion for your book, an open mind and you’re eager to learn how to grow bigger, you can start by having conversation with me to help you to create a customized success strategy. If you’ve already got a strong platform and know our clients or the publishers we work with most often, please ask for a direct, personal introduction.

If you’re reay to pitch your book, just go to the Query Intake Form and you’ll be expertly handled by my efficient, competent, caring team and if the project is right for me or one of my sub-agents, we will reply promptly.

Here’s wishing you and your book all the best.

Wendy Keller, Founder of Keller Media