Client Testimonials


I just want to let you know that this class is probably the best $ I’ve ever spent. I’m going to turn this into $$$$. You’ve given me a gift that is better than money or a contract—you’ve taught me how to think about organizing a big project, how to break it down, and present it in the most palatable way.

I’ll apply your teachings and methodology to everything I do in the future. Between this and your book on building a platform, it’s really going to help me take my brand and story to the next level.

“Talking to you for just one hour saved me probably three years of chasing my tail. I can’t thank you enough!
“Wendy Keller is the only big money agent I’d trust with all my books. She has a way of seeing the best way to position the content and she has given me some great marketing ideas, too. She really knows this business. You’d be lucky to get her to represent you.
“You are an amazing gift that showed up in my life. Without your love and support, I would not be as far along in becoming a professional speaker as I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The contribution that you have made to my success is going to create an amazing ripple effect for all of the people I get to share my message of joy, success and fulfillment with. You rock Wendy Keller and I love you.
“[Wendy] sincerely wants to help…she draws upon a wealth of experience.
“My agent, Wendy Keller…provided significant help and guidance to revamp my book proposal and reorganize my outline.
“[Wendy] is a subject matter expert.  Her information is practical, useful.
“My deepest thanks for creating a shift that will influence the rest of my life.
“For over two years, I struggled on my own to become published. I was rejected about four hundred times by agents and publishers alike. I read all the books, talked to others who had been successful, and tried to apply all of the lessons learned to no avail. Then I met Wendy Keller. […] I suddenly understood all that I had tried to learn on my own. Wendy unlocked the secrets and simplified the complexities of the publishing and speaking business. […] I applied all that she had taught me. Within a few short months, I had a book deal and was on my way to a lucrative new career. None of this would have been possible without Wendy’s expert guidance!
“Every time I call you, I just get this good feeling about myself. You’re the person in my life who believes in me the most – sometimes more than I believe in myself.
“Wendy is a powerhouse with a full staff that, based on my experience, work their asses off for the authors they believe in.
“You made this book a reality. You not only opened doors for me, you also kept my faith in the project alive.
“In the event you have a hectic day and don’t feel appreciated, please know how much your guidance means to this writer.  It’s amazing.  Best Xmas gift I ever bought myself.
“I have never learned so much in so few hours! I’m already making money from doing what you said. Thank you!
“Working with you [on our book] has been the best experience of my life! My life has taken a life enhancing spiral upwards through your coaching, mentoring, and constant encouragement!
“Wendy Keller is the most incredible literary consultant and agent!! [She] always astonishes me with the storehouse of knowledge in her mind. Her advice is nothing short of amazing.
“You are a true partner in bringing this book to others!
“As a struggling new author, I have to tell you your tape series was so inspirational to me! While I have read several books on how to publish a book, none touched the major issues as clearly as listening to you and the specific topics new authors must address!
“It still hasn’t really sunk in that my book is now written, and not only being published, but being published on a global platform. This is a long way from [my first] internet conversation with you about how I might self publish. Thank you again for what you’ve done for me.”
“You have one of the brightest, most creative minds on the planet.
“Your tenacity, unfailing belief in me, and friendship made this book a reality.
“I want you to know that I’m very pleased with the persistent work that you’ve done on my behalf as a literary coach and in trying to get me a book deal in your country. I am very fortunate that you are my agent.
“I have written enough over many years to know quality editing when I see it. Yours is exceptional. Thanks.

“Not only has this workshop taught me the proper way to write a book proposal, it has helped me to dig deep. With the feedback from the editors on each section of the proposal I have written, and all the great information and instructions Wendy provides, I’ve been forced to really think about what I want the heart of this book to be. By extension, it has helped me solidify my messaging in the context of my public speaking.  This is such a great service for new authors trying to get published the right way.  Highly recommend!

“I keep thinking the day I met you was the luckiest day of my life.
“We’d like to acknowledge [Wendy Keller] without whom we would have never completed this book.
“I would just like to say that  I appreciate what your company does, it is the only one that goes the extra mile in giving out useful information on publishing in a frank, no beating around the bush way.  I have learnt a lot of things from the regular emails etc.
“[Wendy] is clear, to the point, passionate, and an expert at her industry.
If it wasn’t for YOU, I wouldn’t have two published books to my name! You ran a workshop in London in 2003 (I think) and I followed every word. So thank you.  In fact, only today the BBC asked me if I would go on breakfast TV tomorrow to talk about one of my books.
“Wendy tells it like it is.  No bull—-.
“Sincere appreciation Wendy Keller… who for some time had insisted that the information I present and the humor with which I deliver it had to find its way into a book. Wendy just ‘got it,’ and then she went out and pushed it…and for her efforts and counsel, I’m grateful.
“Wendy Keller offered me keen insights for the marketing and promotion of my book “Whatever the Cost” and clearly supported the book’s success.  She has a unique and well-honed understanding of the publishing world that takes into account the art of the writer and the business of selling books.  Her time and input are indispensable.
“It’s simple. I was skeptical when I signed up for your coaching program. Now I’m published. Pretty basic.
“So grateful to learn from her vast experience…the information she provides is making a difference.  I count her within a small handful of mentors that I continue to follow as I move forward as an author, transformational life coach and singer-songwriter.
“Thanks again for all your hard work in getting my book published. Not only were you extremely enjoyable to work with, you consistently went the extra mile to find the right publisher, and then negotiate a contract that exceeded my expectations. In a world where a lot of people are ‘just going through the motions’, you are a passionate and effective ‘breath of fresh air!’
“THANK YOU for your great efforts to sell [my book]! There is no one else in the world I would rather work with! I mentioned to Elizabeth Pomada [an agent who is Wendy’s friend] that I signed with Keller Media. Her response: ‘If anyone can make you a star, Wendy Keller can.‘
“Wendy, I’ve been tremendously impressed with how you’re handling [my editor]. You have the perfect blend of high energy and smooth schmooze. I admire the way you do business.
“Wendy Keller, my agent, brought a practical guidance to the business side of the book, and without her help I would never have finished.
“I would highly recommend Wendy Keller as an agent and as a book coach. She helped me hone my material for a broader audience and make my proposal so much more salable to publishers. She helped me to create what I call my ‘mini-empire’ of a web site and self-produced CDs. I can say that she is the reason why I was able to attract a publisher for my book within just one week of her shopping around my proposal. She negotiated a higher advance than offered and did things I am not savvy enough to do alone.
“(Special thanks to) my agent, Wendy Keller, who liked the book right away, recommended some improvements, and worked with enthusiasm to find a publisher.
“Huge thanks to my friend and literary agent extraordinaire Wendy, who suggested the idea and found me this project.
“I am light years ahead of where I would be if I had not met you. Your care, concern, encouragement, friendship and guidance have been priceless.
“You adeptly agented me into and through this adventure.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me come one step closer to my dream. You are a smart woman and a wonderful teacher. It was a joy working with you on this book.
“This course gave me practical guidelines and an effective structure that allowed to write a better proposal that I had before the start of the course. I’m excited about the book and it feels like a solid foundation. It was also fun and on top, Wendy shared industry insights that I wouldn’t have learnt elsewhere.
I want to thank you for the class I took from you back in late September. Like many you see, I thought that writing a best selling book would be an easy task. Your advice to begin getting a better following to increase my “cred” has been invaluable. I have now been published in Forbes, Inc., and was the featured guest on Quora where I did a one hour session on career navigation that caught the eye of Apple News, and a local PR agency. You may wonder if your webinars help, and I’m here to say that it was money well spent.
“Thank you, the training and editors comments have been so invaluable. Plus having the assignments due each week make me do them.
“I am very sorry our class has ended, it has been so good for me!  I have to say, this has been the best information I have found since I started this journey.  So far, I have spent about $8K of my own money trying to get my book concept off the ground — meeting a lot of people that tell me they “know how ….” but Wendy is the first, honest, forthright consultant that has the knowledge and capability to really provide direction and feedback on what I want to accomplish.  Can’t say enough good things!