Contract Consulting


Want some help making sure it’s as fair as can be?

Wendy Keller has consulted on and/or negotiated thousands of publishing and speaking contracts since 1989.

While she is not an attorney, she has lots of experience getting the best terms for many soon-to-be authors and emerging speakers. Wendy can help you figure out what all those confusing terms mean, how to get the best deal, and how to protect your best interests.

If you’ve been offered a book publishing contract from any publisher, literary agent, self-publishing company, distributor, audio producer or subsidy publisher anywhere in the world, Wendy can guide you in getting the best terms, introduce valuable options you probably didn’t know exist, give you explanations of terms and offer support. Wendy can also help you come to terms with a meeting planner seeking to engage you as a paid speaker.

Most authors find that having Wendy look over your contract increases your profits by an average of 62% – and gets the publisher to respect you as the talent a whole lot more.

Wendy can help you navigate the offer, keep the deal moving forward in a positive way, and achieve excellent terms that are fair to all.


    • Full Contract Review, including a written list of recommendations OR Wendy will communicate directly with the other party on your behalf.
    • It will be less expensive than a mistake – guaranteed.
    • You’ll be fully aware of all the ramifications of what you’re getting into.
    • We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.
    • Wendy can help you get more money and better terms.

    To get help with your contract right now, click the button to purchase. Then email your contract (or the book editor’s name, email and phone number) to Help (at) KellerMedia (dot) com with the words “Contract Consultation” in the subject line.  Wendy will get the contract, contact you to ask any questions and answer any you may have. Then she will review the contract entirely and respond promptly to make sure you get the deal you deserve.