Book Contract Consulting



Want some help making you’re getting a fair deal?

Whether you were offered publishing agreement by a traditional publishing house, a self-publishing company or even a hybrid publisher’s literary contract, we can help you make sure the deal you are being offered is fair, there are no obvious pitfalls, they are only taking the rights that they can best exploit for you (and not more) and that the money is fair and in your best interests. Protect yourself – your copyright – and your future profit from your work – get our Book Contract Consulting service here. 

You did all that work writing the book. You deserve the best possible contract.

 Don’t sign something you don’t completely understand!

Get a Publisher’s Contract Review so you know what to expect and what you’re getting into!

Senior Literary Agent Wendy Keller has consulted on and/or negotiated thousands of publishing and speaking contracts since 1989.

While she is not an attorney, Wendy can help you to get the best terms for many soon-to-be authors and emerging speakers. Wendy can help you figure out what all those confusing terms mean, how to get the best deal, and how to protect your best interests.

YES! It IS still negotiable!  Even if you’ve said yes before you got our manuscript contract analysis, any ethical publisher will negotiate with a competent, professional literary agent – and most prefer to do so, because agents know what’s reasonable, what is fair, what to ask for, and how to ask for it so that they will say yes.

If you’ve been offered a book contract from any publisher, literary agent, self-publishing company, distributor, audio producer, hybrid publisher, or subsidy publisher anywhere in the world, Wendy will expertly guide you in getting the best terms, introduce valuable options you probably didn’t know exist, give you explanations of terms so you understand what you’re selling, and offer support.

Most of the time, having Wendy look over your contract increases your profits by an average of 80% 

– and gets the publisher to respect you as the talent a whole lot more.

Wendy can help you navigate the offer, keep the deal moving forward in a positive way, and achieve excellent terms that are fair to all – especially YOU!

How it works: 

    • Step One: After you purchase this publishing contract review, you will be invited to send Wendy the contract. She will call you to find out what concerns and desires you have so she can determine if the contract is set up to deliver what you want. 
    • Step Two: Wendy will carefully review every word of your contract and make notes.
    • Step Three: She will send you her notes and you’ll set up a time to discuss them. She will offer you her best insider recommendations.
    • If you so choose, she will communicate directly with the other party on your behalf (up to 1 hour is included in your publishing contract review fee – most contracts don’t take longer than that) OR she will send you her recommendations list and you can negotiate on your own.
    • The Publishing Contract Consultation will be less expensive than a mistake – guaranteed.
    • You’ll be fully aware of all the ramifications of everything you’re getting into – for this book and your future as a writer (if you want to do a second book someday)
    • A book contract is a critically important document. Make sure it is in your favor!
    • We promise not to harm your relationship with the publisher – chances are, we already know them anyway and they have our Keller Media contract on file somewhere.

    Most contracts are resolved in 10 business days or less

    Get the deal you deserve – ally yourself with a literary agent