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Get an hour of Wendy's attention, 100% focused on helping you create the best strategy for success with your book. Get answers. Make better decisions. Achieve your goals.



Get the fastest solutions to your publishing or speaking challenges. Leap over obstacles. Dramatically increase your chances of success.



Get a successful literary agent’s very best advice – customized to YOUR needs and specifically designed to help YOU achieve YOUR publishing goals faster and more easily.

When we talk, you will get my undivided attention and practical answers to your questions – answers that will help you get results faster and easier than you can do it on your own – guaranteed or your money back.

It will be like you’ve got a friend in the business!

Here’s how it works when you “rent” my brain:

1. Your hour with me is an investment in your future as an author or speaker. I know you take it as seriously as I do. When you seize a consulting hour with me, first you will get an email that shows you all the upcoming appointment times I have available. (Check your spam filter if you don’t have it within 5 minutes). You just pick the time that works best for you.

2. At least 2 business days before your appointment, email me anything you want me read. If you wish, include a list of questions you want answered during our call (see below). Whatever your goals are, together we will craft an efficient strategy to achieve them – and chances are we’ll even have fun doing it! Of course, I hope that our call helps you transform into the kind of author or speaker my agents or I can successfully represent, but please note that renting my brain does not guarantee representation now nor in the future.

3. At the appointed time, just call in. If your request it, your call CAN be recorded so you can listen to the valuable advice you’ll get over and over again. Landline or Skype – your option. Instructions for requesting a recorded call will be in the first email you get.

4. I will carefully and patiently answer your questions, talk to you about your objectives and give you my 100% focused attention to help you break through any obstacles that are keeping you from success. You will get my very best insights into the success strategies I’ve gathered during nearly 3 decades in the publishing and speaking industries.



Halfway through our call, I will ask you if you feel you are getting more than your money’s worth out of the interaction. If you say no, I will refund all your money instantly and the call will end right there. If you say yes, we will continue to come up with great plans, ideas and systems to help you achieve your ultimate desires as an author.

You and your book have got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


What kinds of people benefit from “renting” my brain?


  • Writers who can’t seem to get an agent (yet)
  • Authors whose books are about to be published and who want to make them successful
  • Speakers who can’t consistently get more than $1500 per engagement now and then
  • Published or self-published authors who need to quickly boost sales and/or get media attention right now
  • People who want to run their “great idea” past an industry insider to see if it’s worth developing into a book
  • Writers and authors who feel stuck, thwarted or confused by the publishing industry’s many new options
  • Brand new speakers who haven’t figured out how to earn from their knowledge yet
  • Authors-to-be who need some personalized, in-depth help building their platform before selling their book
  • Authors who want to use their book to build a business, create revenue or get paid speaking or consulting engagements
  • More established speakers who need more bookings, more credibility, or to figure out how to raise their fees permanently
  • Thought leaders who may or may not intend to write their own books but want to see the overall strategy clearly


I can see things from my side of the desk that you just can’t. I can show you how to work the system to save yourself time, frustration and lost money – and how to exponentially increase your chances of success.


What Kinds of Questions Should You Ask?

I give you good, clear advice + concise methods/strategies + candid feedback on any of these typical concerns:

  • Why you don’t have a publishing contract (or an agent) yet and what you can do about it
  • Fast ways to build your “platform” – (which means “the size of your audience and the scope of your presence in the world”)
  • How to attract more attention and sell more copies before, during or after publication
  • How to ask for – and get – endorsements from key people in the world or your industry
  • Where the meeting planners are hiding – and how to find them
  • How to quickly make your book (more) appealing to publishers – so they will give you a higher advance
  • Ways you can create special sales, sponsorship and distribution opportunities for your published book
  • How to bridge the gap between rich speakers and beginning speakers
  • Clever techniques to get yourself on radio, television and in magazines and newspapers – with or without a publicist
  • Methods for establishing YOU as a leader in your industry because of your book – before, during or after your book’s release
  • Developing your content concept for maximum revenue – before you even finish writing the book
  • Resurrecting your old book to create new revenue streams
  • How to effectively self-publish a book so it is profitable monetarily and emotionally
  • Ways to turn a book into paid speaking or consulting engagements
  • What an agent REALLY thinks about your idea or your proposal and/or you as a potential author

Custom questions welcome!

If you are an author or speaker – or hope to become one – this is an opportunity for you to finally get some candid, practical advice personalized just for you and your message.

YOU get my brain on YOUR terms, helping YOU sort out YOUR issues, giving YOU the best, most cutting edge advice at a time that works for you, on the topics of your choice. I can’t promise to tell you what you want to hear – some babies ARE ugly – but I promise to give you my very best, most honest, most focused professional advice. You’ll have the benefit of my nearly 30 years of experience in the publishing and speaking industries on your side.

I’m sincerely looking forward to helping YOU achieve YOUR objectives.

Click the “Buy Now” button. Let’s get you on the right path right away.


Your success is closer than you think!