Wendy Keller: Your Book Marketing Consultant

Are you an author looking to sell more copies of your book now or in the future? Or perhaps you’re a business owner seeking to attract customers to your coaching, consulting or speaking services? Are you looking to build a compelling marketing platform will attract a good publisher to your book?  

If so, you’ve come to the right place.  

Wendy Keller has a unique perspective on the nexus of publishing and marketing: that a great idea must be effectively packaged and marketed with zeal in order to create the greatest possible impact in the world, and the biggest impact on the author’s career. 

To date, Wendy has personally trained more than 20,000 authors on how to get published; sold about 1,800 book and other rights deals worldwide; and helped just about 8,500 people get started as paid, professional speakers. Today, Wendy is known as a revenue and growth strategist for emerging authors and speakers – people with good ideas who want to leverage their books into business success and big impact.  

Is that you? 

Book Sales and Promotion 

A good book idea combined with intelligent marketing equals a successful author.  Wendy can help you define your target market, before or after your book is published; and then establish a robust marketing plan perfectly tailored to your time, interests, talents and abilities – and aligned with the real needs of your future book buyers.  She can bring you the clarity you seek and help you co-create a viable book marketing strategy that will include traditional, social media and digital methods of book and author promotion.   

Turning Books into Speaking Engagements 

Wendy is a well-proven expert in turning nonfiction books into speaking engagements. Sometimes, publishers send their authors to her to have her do just that.  Speaking opportunities can be a valuable way to push your book to the next level, and your career along with it.  Wendy can help you identify your ideal audience, build content that perfectly solves their needs, develop the “window dressing” you need to look like an A-list speaker (and/or coach, consultant, strategist or advisor), create a strategy to target those specific people and organizations, and then deliver an outstanding speech that converts into more paid speaking and lots and lots of book sales.    

Bringing Business More Customers 

 Wendy’s expertise extends beyond book marketing. The literary and speaking agency she founded in 1989 is her 6th business, and she is at her very core a deeply committed entrepreneur.  That life philosophy is useful because she remains focused on helping you use your knowledge – in a book, in a speech, as a consultant/coach, etc. – to increase your revenue. Wendy can guide you in creating a marketing plan around your core knowledge and find all the ways you can profit from it consistently.   

How to Get In Touch with Wendy Keller? 

Wendy works with a very small group of people each year, because her focus is on selling books to publishers and booking speakers into paid engagements.  She only works with nonfiction authors who are writing in one of these three genres:  business, science, or self-help.   

If you have credentials and you are passionate about your subject, please choose to send a cover note and an Amazon link to your book (if published) along with its estimated sales numbers to date.  If your book is not yet published, please write a note explaining your topic and your related expertise. Send it to Help@KellerMedia.com. It will be looked at promptly and respectfully.  We will either invite you to schedule a time to talk with Wendy or politely decline.   

Wendy offers book marketing consulting deeply grounded in her work with literally thousands of book ideas, authors, speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants, business leaders and people making career transitions from a job to a lucrative second career profiting from what they know.   

If you work together, you will get massive access to her deep insider viewpoint, ample help overcoming any of your marketing and promotion problems, and clean, efficient real-world solutions.  Warning: Wendy has a reputation as a straight shooter.  Some people just want to be told everything is perfect, but her focus is on compassionately guiding “the talent” (that’s you!) to the results you say you want, as quickly as possible.  She cares deeply about your success, so she considers it an obligation to be clear and precise in what she advises. 

 Ready to get your book idea to take you and your business to the next level? Contact Help@KellerMedia.com today and let’s get started turning your book into your success story.  

With Wendy Keller as your book marketing consultant, you’re not just retaining the services of a professional – you’re investing in your future success. 

If you’re an author or speaker – or hope to become one – this is your chance to finally get some candid, practical, specific advice and direction from industry expert Wendy Keller.