Sell More Books

Your dream is to sell a lot of books.

To make a big impact.

To have your words make a difference in the world.

Wendy Keller’s decades of insider experience may be your “secret ingredient” – just what you need to move from no or slow sales of your nonfiction book(s) into a much bigger, brighter spotlight.

Wendy consults authors and authors-to-be – and small/independent publishers – to help make books (and speeches) sell; cause the media take notice; and get the world to pay attention to you and your message.

Click here to request a complimentary 30-minute Zoom “Getting to Know You” call to determine if Wendy’s consulting services can help you achieve your goals.

You’ll Want To Schedule If You Are…

  • Small publishers who want to sell more inventory – motivate their authors to push their books – get more media attention for your books without spending a fortune on an overworked publicity team
  • Authors who are about to be published (or self-published)
  • Would-be authors who keep getting told they need a “platform” first (a “fan base”)
  • Authors who already self-published and now they want to sell more books ASAP 


  • Authors whose nonfiction books have…floppedat least temporarily…within the last five years
  • Any expert who is thinking of writing a nonfiction book for the direct, specific purpose of increasing sales of their widgets – bringing in more leads, customers, patients – for their business, consulting, coaching, therapy, medical practice. Basically, to drive revenue.
  • Wendy only works with nonfiction books intended for adult readers.

What’s going on?

Wendy Keller is a long-seasoned literary agent for more than 2,000 deals worldwide – everything from screenplays to audio rights to hardcover books with major US publishers to academic publishing to Korean, Dutch and Italian rights (and many more languages).  

She’s helped turn people just like you into successful authors, mega-speakers, renowned thought leaders, business leaders, media darlings, government advisors, prominent podcasters, well-known therapists/coaches/consultants and so much more.  The part she loves most is…the marketing. How do you take a person with a good idea (that’s YOU!) and help YOU to shift it so that YOUR content becomes of maximum interest to the greatest number of people possible – in the easiest way – in the shortest amount of time?

Schedule your complimentary 30-minute “Getting to Know You” conversation.

You are being offered this complimentary conversation because you are considered a prospective consulting client.  If you and Wendy agree to work together, and if your book is still unsold/unpublished, and you choose to execute the plan you will co-create with Wendy, she will sell your book to the best possible publisher. All literary agents in the USA earn a 15% commission on the sale and future royalties earned.  This sum is separate from the consulting fee.