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So you’re ready to get a literary agent, huh?  You’ve got a strong idea for a book and you’re smart enough to see the obvious perils of self-publishing.  Besides, it would feel so much better to have a legitimate publisher behind your work. It’s time for an agent and you know it. We literary agents […]

By Wendy Keller, Literary Agent and Chief Talent Launcher If you own a business, want to start one or have a career you’d like to grow, here’s the deal: you need to consider writing a book. Not just any book. Certainly not the time-wasting pipe dream Great American Novel. You need to write a real, […]

“Everybody has at least one book in them.” Business owners, entrepreneurs, career climbers and brand builders who write books* easily differentiate themselves from the huddled masses yearning to make a buck. Life coaches, doctors, consultants, professional speakers, therapists, lawyers, CPAs and pretty much anyone with a service to sell would benefit enormously from writing a […]

Ready to Sell Your Book to a Publisher? You’ll Need a Literary Agent Most people sit down to write a book and only later do they start to think about how to get it published. The dream is to find a publisher who will pay you a lot of money for the joy of printing […]

What it REALLY means when we (or anyone else) rejects your book by Wendy Keller If it’s happened again -we or another agency has rejected your project again, don’t get discouraged.  Don’t waste your time getting angry.  Certainly don’t deduce that we’re all idiots.  Don’t decided willy-nilly that you will just self-publish and prove us […]

Written by Wendy Keller Did you know that November is National Writing Month? Why not get in the spirit with our  nonfiction writing contest? Enter for your chance to win big …and don’t forget to check out our new Facebook page and “Like” our new look!! Do visions of royalty checks dance in your head? Are […]

Written by Wendy Keller Getting a publisher is a bit of a game. The game starts at Go, just like Monopoly. Go find out if anyone cares about your content besides you, by writing articles, blog posts, Tweets and guest comments all over the web about your ideas. Go find yourself a quiet spot and […]

Written by Wendy Keller   It’s safe to say that your mom thinks you’re really something special. If you’re lucky, so does your partner and maybe, if they’re under 12, so do your kids.  But when it comes to selling your book to a publisher – or to the world – your immediate circle of […]

Written by Wendy Keller So you’ve got a message you want to spread and you’ve got the moxie it takes to stand in front of a room of strangers and talk.  Now what? Some people want to become professional speakers because they want an exciting new career.  Others have a burning topic they just have […]

Written by Wendy Keller   Did you know that more than 320 rights exist in any piece of intellectual property? How many of those rights are you thinking of when you consider writing a book, giving a speech or creating an audio product?  Quickly assessing your product for hidden revenue streams is an important skill. […]