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If you want to get your book published by a real publisher, you may be making a crucial error that will cost you your dream. Every single aspect of how books are bought and published in the US has changed in the last 36 months.  Few would-be authors have access to the information they must know to succeed. Until now.

brainBy Wendy Keller, Literary Agent

The statistics are scary. More than 1 million new books were cataloged last year. The explosion of ebooks and the closure of the Borders chain skewed the numbers that publishers have relied on for 75+ years when making decisions about which books to publish.

Massive industry-wide layoffs and the closure of many literary agencies have dried up opportunities for new authors like never before.  Books that would have received a six figure advance just a few years ago are now lucky to get $25,000. Books that might have gotten $25,000 are lucky to be published at all.

Agents are forced to screen potential new projects much more carefully because publishers screen potential new projects much more carefully.


The publishing industry has chickened out.  Even while I am disappointed by my industry’s new methods, I also realize their absolute economic necessity.  Now, publishers insist on the “sure bet”.  With every editor capable of losing his or her job over the next flop, they want to be certain your book is going to be a profit center for their publishing house.

There’s just one way to assure them your book is worthy: “Platform”.  A platform is a large, growing group of fans who are following you, trusting you, buying from you, and who consider you a thought leader in your subject area.

These days, the first question every editor asks every agent when we pitch them on a new book is, “What’s the author’s platform?”

Lucky for you, there’s a loophole.


The loophole may well surprise you.  Smart would-be authors overcome their initial resistance to the need to build a platform before the book is published or even CAN be published, so your next question is, “OK, how do I build a platform fast?”

The loophole is: size doesn’t matter.  Growth does.  That’s right.  While of course it’s  fabulous if you have 200,000 fans, that’s hard to achieve in a reasonable amount of time.  But if you have, say, 5,000 this month (a very doable number) and you have 5,500 next month (10% growth) then you’re going to get attention.   The growth percentage is appealing because…



If you do the right things, the ones that will prove you’ve got a winner, publishers will be all over you! And if there’s even a whiff that publishers will like what you’re doing, agents will clamber for the chance to represent you, especially now.

Turns out, somewhere along the path of my life as an award-winning journalist, PR Newswire employee, selling scripts in Hollywood and now over twenty years as a literary agent, I’ve learned how to quickly get to the bottom of “What’s sexy?” What angle in your book is most likely to get the public to pay attention and buy? How do authors like you attract that attention, leveraging the time, talent and other resources at your disposal now?

I can answer those questions.  For fun, I’m the author of 31 published books under 9 pseudonyms.  I’ve been featured in all kinds of media including Dateline NBC, Hannity & Colmes, Politically Incorrect, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Glamour UK, Playboy, Dr Phil, and hundreds more. I know how to get you media attention before and after your book is published – and I can teach you.

Given my unusually well-suited background, I may be the most qualified person in the publishing industry who can advise would-be authors like you on exactly what to do and how to get the platform you need, so you can get a publishing contract.

I invite you to invest in a consultation with me. I will dedicate an hour of my time.  We will focus on precisely determining what has kept you from success so far and how to fix it. You will discover how to make your specific project attractive to a great agent (maybe me) and then a great publisher, so you come a successful published author.


Let me explain something: I won’t let you waste your time.  And I never waste my time.  Not on stubborn unpublished writers; not on projects that have no future; and not on people who are unwilling to carefully consider expert advice. (I’d make a crummy therapist.  I expect results too fast.)

The way it works is you sign up for an hour with me now.  You’ll be offered a selection of appointment times.  You can send in written questions for me to review if you wish and I’ll review your proposal (again) too.

Most people who consult with me say it was “a huge turning point” or “a mind-opening experience”.  Some of them are published now, others will be.  When we, you’ll see things the way a publishing insider views them – a whole new perspective.

People are always stunned that the hour flew by so fast.

You will emerge with a crystal clear game plan for What To Do Next to get your book on track for publication – customized to your specific content, your goals and who you really are as a person.

There are an estimated 1,782 proposals sloshing around the industry at any given time for every one that gets a deal.  Are you The One?  Do you want to leap over the competition, attract an agent, get a publisher and finally become a real author? Then take the first step. Click the button below to get your game-changing hour with me.  It’s even guaranteed or your money back!  That’s how sure I am that we can transform your publishing journey in just sixty fast minutes.  Give your book a fighting chance – get an expert on your side today.

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