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wanttogetpaidtogivespeechesBy Wendy Keller, Literary Agent and Professional Speaker

Got something interesting and valuable to say?

Want to share it with the world?

Could speaking grow your business, your reputation or your brand?

If you fancy yourself getting paid to give speeches, here are TEN important questions that will help you get your goal faster.

  1. What will other people get from listening to you?  List the benefits.
  2. Can you make your content appeal to a corporate audience?  That’s where the money is in speaking. Even if your topic is self-help oriented, can you skew it a little and at least speak to corporate to pay the bills?
  3. What other successful speakers or books are out there on your same topic? What do you advise that they don’t? How are you different and unique?
  4. How comfortable are you on the platform?  Take a improv or a comedy class. Take some acting or voice lessons. Volunteer for Open Mic Nights at a comedy club. Sign up for Toastmasters.
  5. What kinds of people do you ideally want in your audiences? What are their problems, fears, goals and dreams? Write it down.
  6. What companies, groups, organizations are most likely to contain those kinds of people?
  7. What kind of fees are similar speakers getting – and why are they getting them?  You can expect to get between $3000-$5000 per speech within the first year (maybe more) if you begin with the right steps.
  8. What do you need to do to prepare to win the engagement over other speakers competing for that same microphone?
  9. Is there any research or other documentation that supports your premise, thus giving you third party credibility?  Find it and cite it.
  10. Can you write a killer speech, complete with emotion, humor, facts and stories in a way that compels people to listen to you with full attention?

Success as a speaker happens when you are sizzling while you’re on the platform, because doing a great job generates word of mouth referrals.

Yet if you can’t get the opportunity to strut yourself, you can’t soar.  Building an effective marketing system that displays your talent and your content to best advantage is where you must begin.

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