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By Wendy Keller, Literary Agent and Chief Talent Launcher

If you own a business, want to start one or have a career you’d like to grow, here’s the deal: you need to consider writing a book.

Not just any book.

Certainly not the time-wasting pipe dream Great American Novel.

You need to write a real, practical book on the subject of your expertise, whether it is sales or dog grooming or starting a business or whatever else you happen to know a lot about…more than “most” people know.

Here’s why: If you do it right, it will sell to a publisher. (I’m a literary agent – I know whereof I speak)

A real publisher will hand you a check for the honor of publishing your book. (The size of that check will depend on what’s called your “platform”. To find out what that means, click here.) There’s your first $25,000.

Before the book comes out, you will use it to enhance your brand, increase your customers, expand your platform. The very fact that your book is in production with a legitimate publisher will, when done right, attract people to you and your business/career.

When your book releases (about a year after it was sold) you have a window of opportunity (3-9 months, usually) to go into a frenzy of book promotion and collect all kinds of cool things like TV and newspaper interviews, appearances on podcasts and radio shows, maybe speaking at events.

All of that will exponentially increase your personal visibility in the world and by default, grow your business, grow your career or help your new baby business take off fast.

When you do all of the book promotion stuff, which is a LOT of fun (seriously) you will get (in addition to all those new customers, consulting contracts and/or job offers), the 25,001st benefit: you’ll make your mom proud. Aww.

Here’s the catch: (You knew there was one, right?) To sell a nonfiction book to a publisher, you’ll need what’s called a “book proposal”. It’s a very specific document that most people can write themselves. It lays out the parts of your book and how the publisher will be brilliant for investing in you as an author. TO MAKE THIS EVEN EASIER for you, click here to learn how to put together a GREAT book proposal and get your ball rolling…and if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for Mom!

About Me & Why I’m Qualified to Tell You All This:

I am a literary agent for Keller Media in Los Angeles. I’ve sold +1,500 deals all over the world. 17 of them became New York Times best sellers. I am wildly passionate about using authorship as a marketing tool. Some clients build multi-million dollar businesses out of becoming published authors. Every single one of them started with a great book proposal. Click here to find out how to write yours.

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