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Getting a publisher is a bit of a game.

The game starts at Go, just like Monopoly.

Go find out if anyone cares about your content besides you, by writing articles, blog posts, Tweets and guest comments all over the web about your ideas.

Go find yourself a quiet spot and see if you can flesh out an entire chapter summary that reflects at least 65,000 words of strong, readable content. Could someone else follow your steps and achieve the same results you have?

What's stopping you from passing go?

What’s stopping you from passing go?

Go see if any local place will let you give a talk, a speech, a workshop or a lecture about your topic of expertise.

Go put some time into keyword research on Google’s Keyword Tool. (Type “Keyword Tool” at and follow along!)  See how many people are searching for help in the topic area of your proposed book. What questions do they ask that your book definitively answers?

Don’t stop at Go.  Keep going, up to the St. Charles side of the board.  This is where you see if you’re getting a response, and if so, judiciously run some ads directing people to your Facebook page and/or website.  Does the number of people who comment or Like what you’re writing start to climb?  If it is, you’re doing something right. I don’t mean 1-2 people a month, I mean 3-4 people a day adding themselves into your world volitionally.

Now you’re on Ventnor, the bright yellow space.  You’re nearly ready to make the turn and end up in New York on Park Place!

As you finally arrive on this home stretch, you should have assembled an enthusiastic, growing fan base; have a lot of clarity on what your public really wants from you; have adapted your goals to the demands of the marketplace; and be ready to determine the best course of publishing action for yourself.


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