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Written by Wendy Keller, Literary Agent

  1. People need to know what you know so they can make their lives better.
  2. You will make money from it.
  3. It presents a chance for passive secondary revenue.
  4. It provides a focal point for your career.
  5. It makes your literary agent money.  (BIG factor!)
  6. It gets you out of the “wannabe published” group.
  7. A book establishes you as the credible expert on your subject.
  8. A book with a coupon in the back can help you build your database of prime prospects.
  9. A book can get you onto talk shows.
  10. A book can get you onto radio shows.
  11. A book will make your mother proud.
  12. A book will make your spouse proud, or your ex-spouse turn green.
  13. A book will preserve your knowledge for future generations.
  14. A book will give you a competitive edge.
  15. A book will give you product to sell in the back of the room.
  16. A book creates an aura around you and your career.
  17. A book can boost your company’s earnings.
  18. A book will help you close more sales.
  19. A book will help you sell your product.
  20. A book is a hefty business card that will not be thrown away.
  21. A book distinguishes you in your profession.
  22. A successful book makes money for years.
  23. A successful book can provide retirement money.
  24. A book opens doors to opportunities you cannot imagine today.
  25. A book opens doors you only wish would open today.
  26. Writing a book saves you having to explain the same thing over and over to your customers, clients, friends, students, etc.
  27. Writing a book neatly organizes your thoughts, for later use in your speeches and presentations.
  28. A book educates, informs, inspires or entertains those who read it.
  29. A book is a lasting contribution – part of your legacy.
  30. A book gives you more career options.
  31. A book forces people to recognize your special knowledge.
  32. A book insists people recognize your achievement.
  33. A book disseminates your knowledge faster than you can personally share it.
  34. A book gets you speaking engagements.
  35. A book brings you money. Did I mention that part?
  36. A book gives you some fame.  The better the book, the more the fame.
  37. A book can change your life for the better.
  38. A book makes you proud of your dedication to the task.
  39. Writing a book opens your heart and mind on your topic.
  40. Writing a book helps you stay current in your field of expertise.
  41. Writing a book purges the soul of the author.
  42. Writing a book just might be part of your life’s mission.
  43. Writing a book might lay to rest some personal demons.
  44. A book is an exhilarating and worthy accomplishment.
  45. A book’s revenues have sent many children and grandchildren to college.
  46. While writing a book, you will be forced to learn even more about your subject.
  47. Writing a book will bring you clarity on your own viewpoint on the topic.
  48. Writing a book will make you proud of yourself!
  49. Finishing writing your book will be a huge boost to your morale.
  50. Writing a book exposes you to a new customer base.
  51. Writing a book can expand your business.
  52. Writing a book can crown a successful career.
  53. Writing a book is a lifetime achievement.
  54. Writing a book can sell your product or service faster, better and cheaper.
  55. A book is the cheapest possible form of advertising for your business.
  56. A book will bring you prestige and recognition.
  57. Your book might help save the world.

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