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Success Accelerator

The Ultimate Platform Building Kit

Want to sell your book? This comprehensive course will help you leverage your natural talents into a large, growing fan base for your book...before or after it is published.


Want to sell lots of copies of your book?

Whether you’re trying to sell your book to a publisher or to the public, you’ve come to the right place.  Success Accelerator is the #1 best-selling product ever created by literary agent Wendy Keller.  Its wisdom and strategy derives from working with thousands of authors, including 16 New York Times best sellers and 9 international best sellers. Wendy knows what works and what doesn’t – now you can, too!

    • Do you want to get interviewed on radio or in print?  Maybe even on television?  — The Success Accelerator Ultimate Platform Building Kit will show you exactly how to get interviewed whether your book is published, in production or not even sold yet.


    • Would you like to start making money by giving speeches, workshops or seminars?  — Yes!  Success Accelerator explains in simple terms how to begin this lucrative, fun opportunity for extra income – based on your book or book idea (whether you are published yet or not!)


    • Are you one of those clever people who would like explosive platform growth from the comfort of your own home – by using the most inventive social media strategies specifically tailored to authors?  Here’s how to get your fan base loving what you write and screaming for more! — The Success Accelerator: Ultimate Platform Building Kit


Do you have any idea of the potential cash machine you’d be sitting on if you use the content from your book to attract a list of fans and then offer them ways to buy your content in any format they want?

When a smart agent waves a big list of fans under any publisher’s nose, they smell money.  The Success Accelerator program will even help you build your fan list!

Think of this program as your recipe book – a kit that you put together  – that contains everything you need, the nitty-gritty specifics, on how to build a platform.  Here’s the best thing: because I realize not everyone has the same time or interests (ever heard the phrase, “He has a face made for radio…”?) I created a splendid buffet of many ideas for you.  Choose where to start based on what you like doing best. You can leap in precisely where your interests lie and start creating your platform right where it is easiest and fastest for you.


If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, a little short on cash, or just like knowing how things work, the “Success Accelerator: Ultimate Platform Building Kit” could be just right for you and your publishing goals.

Self-published? Planning to self-publish? We strongly recommend the companion program “The Self Published Author Bonus Course” – it works in perfect unison with Success Accelerator.