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Speaker Starter Kit

How to Become a Paid Professional Speaker

This thorough home study program will help you get up, started and profitable as a paid speaker in record time. You'll discover how to choose a good topic, package and promote yourself.


Speakers live glamorous lives…

meeting new people who rush up after a good speech to tell you how much impact you have made on their lives and how wonderful you are. Many speakers get paid anywhere from $5,000-$15,000 for a 45-minute speech. And best of all, speakers really do have the power to permanently change lives.

Do you want to become a speaker?  Are you already one, but just not getting enough engagements to make you happy? Or are you stuck trying to figure out how to get paid (more) for each talk you give? If so, this “Speaker Starter Kit” is perfect for you.

This is program will be available to you around the clock via our online portal.  That means it is designed to help you quickly launch or grow as a speaker, at your own ideal pace, in the privacy of your own home or office.

Each module gives you specific, insider intelligence and instructions based on Wendy’s remarkably successful live Speaker Accelerator training program. You will get:

  • An Overview of the Speaking Industry
  • How to Identify Your Most Marketable Topic
  • Testing Your Speech’s Salability
  • How to Craft a Great Speech full of emotion, excitement and humor
  • Developing Great Platform Skills
  • Setting Your Fees and getting them
  • Packaging Yourself as a Speaker
  • How to Market Yourself Effectively
  • Details, examples, checklists and more – all designed to make it easy for you

You will get access to videos, each about 20 minutes long, stuffed with the best information you need to get started.  You will also get documents to help and guide you directly toward your goal. You finally will be equipped to finally become a successful professional speaker quickly and efficiently. Your dreams will be prepared to come true when you get the “Speaker Starter Kit”.

Speaking: The Author’s Special Advantage

When you tell a potential publisher, “I’m a paid speaker!” they sit up and take instance notice of your book…or your next book.

Meeting Planners love to hire speakers who are published authors.

The amount of money you will get paid for giving just a few speeches is usually equal to or greater than the entire advance paid for a typical nonfiction book today. Keller Media strongly urges all its authors to become speakers.

Publishers and literary agents *LOVE* speakers because they easily sell lots of books to their audiences.

Speaking as a Business Tool

This course will help you establish yourself as a speaker. Many Keller Media clients use speaking to bring in new customers, patients, clients, coaching clients, constituents, investors or donors. As a business owner, you will sell more people on your services when you speak because they’ve just had the chance to taste a bit of your vast knowledge and gauge your level of trustworthiness by watching you on stage. These two factors turn people from skeptics into customers!

Note: Some clients use speaking as the #1 customer attraction strategy for their business – but don’t get paid to speak – but still make hundreds of thousands of dollars because they spoke.

The “Speaker Starter Kit” is meant to launch you as a speaker whether or not you will use it to sell books, sell your business, or turn speaking into a full-time career.

Speaking Industry experience since 1995

Wendy has represented, trained, worked with, taught and learned from speakers from entry level to those getting $75,000 for a 45-minute keynote since 1995. Many authors launched lucrative speaking careers because Wendy showed them the path, and many entry-level speakers were able to increase their fees and grow their businesses because she helped them develop their speech content into a book and then sold it to a great, enthusiastic publisher. Wendy has helped launch +8,000 new and emerging speakers so far. Will you be the next success story?