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Success Supplement for Self Published Authors

Companion Product to Success Accelerator: The Ultimate Platform Kit

Self-published authors eager to get more sales face unique challenges and often have specific goals. This supplemental program will help you craft a marketing vision and implement it quickly, inexpensively and logically.


This course is exclusively for self-published authors

If your book was self-published within the last 7 years – or if you are about to self-publish – this supplement to the Success Accelerator program will help you boost your book sales and get your book more attention – starting today.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Craft a marketing plan to build sales as quickly as possible
  • Expose you to unique tricks the smartest self-published authors use to succeed
  • Cleverly use social media to get attention directed toward your book within 24 hours
  • Give you insight into the real truth behind self-publishing, so you can achieve your long and short term goals
  • Help you align your book marketing plan with your ultimate publishing goals
  • Stimulate sales – starting immediately – for your book
  • Show you how to use your book to break open other streams of revenue – which may well exceed the royalties from your book
  • Provide the simplest, fastest strategies in case you don’t want marketing your book to be your full-time job

The world has changed.  Self-published authors without a pre-existing platform quickly discover that consumers are not beating a path to their door, no matter how good their “mousetrap” is.  This is NOT your fault! 

With more than 530K books published annually in the USA; and because only 17% of US households even buy one book in a whole year; and because there are so many other places for people to spend their disposable money, you must create a book buyer attraction strategy that hooks them and reels them in.  This supplemental course will show you how to do just that.


  • 1 extra video training
  • 4 helpful worksheets specifically for self-published authors


Please note this product ONLY works in tandem with Success Accelerator!