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Expert Assistance with Your Contract

Got a contract from a publisher and not sure whether it's a good one? Leverage Wendy's decades of contract expertise to get yourself the best deal. Most contracts can be favorably resolved in 2 days.


Congratulations! You’ve got a contract!

This is a BIG lifetime achievement! You are about to BECOME AN AUTHOR!

Getting your book published can change the course of your career, perhaps even your life. But if you are staring at all the unfamiliar terms on a publishing contract, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Wendy Keller can help you now. Her extensive experience as an advocate for the talent (that’s you!) makes her an ideal choice to help you get a fair and equitable agreement.

NOTE: Wendy Keller is NOT an attorney, but as a literary agent since 1989, she has negotiated thousands of contracts including book rights, foreign translation, television, film, audio, eBook, self-publishing, merchandising, speaking engagements, sponsorship, premium sales, spokesperson, excerpts and permission, course adaptation, bulk sales, custom edition and more.

If you want Wendy’s “expert eyes” on your contract before you sign – so you understand what you’re signing and get the best terms possible – you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how easy this is for you:

1. You purchase Wendy’s services here. (Just click the buy button. She will be notified when you complete your order.)

2. You email Wendy a copy of your contract, your contact information and the contact information for the person whose company is offering you this deal. Note: Book editors strongly prefer to work with literary agents – we make their jobs easier.  Don’t fret that bringing in a pro at this point will blow the deal.  It doesn’t – most editors are relieved to work with someone who knows the ropes!

3. Wendy will call you to get clear on your goals, concerns and desires. Then she will review the contract carefully and compare it against the best terms typical for similar contracts. She will compare it to other contracts she has done for this type of sale, often with that same publisher or company, and make sure you are getting the best possible terms.

4. You will get a confidential document that explains the implications of the terms, what you should ask for, what’s normal, what’s a little unfair, what might be a LOT unfair, what you might deserve in performance bonuses, etc.  Wendy will answer any questions you have about the meaning of the various clauses and terms.

5. You can now choose to take that document and negotiate the terms yourself, or you can ask Wendy to handle it all for you, contacting the publisher as your authorized representative. Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that you now know what a great contract should look like and can make an informed decision about the one you’ve been offered.

If you ask Wendy to talk to the publisher on your behalf, she will initiate contact with them immediately. Please be advised that the other party may be part of a corporation that requires multiple people to agree to any changes requested. That’s why the process of negotiation can take 3-21 days, depending on the publisher’s response time. This is typical in the publishing industry and will not cause you to lose the deal.