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Work one-on-one with Wendy for unlimited help, guidance, counsel and advice on how to best grow your presence in the world as an author/speaker. Get there faster with professional insights and proven strategies.


Are you eager to make a bigger impact on the world?

Growing as a speaker and/or author is just a matter of knowing what to do when – and how to do it. But with so much “noise” out there, people shouting, “Do this!” and “Do that!”, how can you know what is true? How can you figure out what resonates with your authentic goals? What’s right for you? What will really work and what is just a bunch of hype?

Frankly, there’s no “one size fits all” in the world of books and speaking.

When it comes to something as critical as the message you want to share with the world and the results you want it to achieve, you will benefit most from personalized help.

Wendy Keller is a respected expert in the publishing and speaking industries. She is the agent behind 17 New York Times best sellers, 9 international best sellers and more than 1,500 other rights deals worldwide; Wendy has trained more than 8,500 speakers, some of whom went on to astronomical success with high fees and full calendars.

Wendy now offers to select individuals her best, customized, clear step-by-step advice, direction and support so you can achieve your goals with less wasted time and frustration – and more results faster!

Wendy Keller’s insights have benefited thousands of speakers and authors. Some of them are just starting out, some are eager to get out of a slump at the middle stage, and a few already at the highest levels who are seeking to break through the “sound barrier.”

There’s no need for you to bumble around, making the same rookie mistakes everyone else is making. If your speaking career isn’t taking off, there’s a reason. If you can’t get a decent publisher to snap up your book, there’s a reason.

Wendy will team with you so that you get the clarity, knowledge and common sense direction you need now to take yourself where you want to go next.

Which of these goals appeal to you most?

    Improve the lives of as many people as possible
    Share your special knowledge with the world
    Use speaking/writing to grow your existing business
    Build your fame as a recognized subject matter expert
    Dramatically increase your income with new revenue streams
    Leave a lasting legacy

All of this is possible for you when you build an effective career as a popular author and in-demand speaker. The only question is, “Do you want to take the long road or do you want to take the expressway?”

You are always free to choose.

If getting this level of dedicated support makes sense for you, and if after an interview with Wendy, you both agree to work together, then you will get acces to the strategies most commonly used to help people like you achieve your goals:

Publishing Related

Today’s publishers require three things from nonfiction authors: A strong book concept + A fierce determination to promote the book with them + A pre-existing, fast-growing platform. Wendy can help you in these/other ways:

  • Building a “platform” specifically designed to attract top level publishers
  • Identify your core message and determine the all the ways it can be parsed for ultimate profitability
  • Teach you how to write the best, most salable book proposal NOTE: this is a replicable skill you’ll be able to use for all your future books. Hiring a ghostwriter will cost you $5,000 – $30,000, depending on the writer’s credentials. Learn to do it yourself to save money.
  • “Secrets” of book writing – the unconscious commands successful authors put in their book proposals (to attract publishers) and their books (to entice your readers to take certain actions, e.g., enroll in your online course, hire you to consult them, etc.)
  • How to build and execute a perfectly-honed, customized marketing plan to get your book selling, on any subject, at any time before or after publication (whether self-published or traditionally published)
  • Book promotion and marketing on a shoestring – if you are cash-strapped but willing to work
  • How to get the right endorsements, blurbs and media before, during and after publication
  • Ways to set yourself up so your first book sells so well that your future books sell even better
  • Solid, consistent feedback; encouragement; editorial direction; and insight into how publishers think

Speaking Related

There are three phases to success as a speaker. They are: Preparation (where you align your chosen message with the marketplace) -> Packaging (where you make yourself look like the star you will become) -> Promotion (where you effectively and efficiently present yourself to those who can hire you). Getting you ready for success can include any/all of the following:

  • How to craft a speech that sells. This is where most speakers get stuck – they “guessed” what the market wants and how to put it together in the most compelling way. Do it right, reap the rewards. Do it wrong and you’ll struggle for a long time
  • Developing and using signature stories
  • Enhanced platform skills – how to be more engaging/funnier/more charming/more compelling on stage
  • Speaker preparation from website building to demo reel creation to marketing outreach
  • Brand building for speakers – the unseen things top speakers have done to make themselves look bigger, more important and more valuable than they might have actually been at that stage in their careers. There are a few major moves most newbies don’t know about that can make all the difference.
  • Advanced speaker marketing – how to find the people who want to hire you and who are willing to pay you to come talk to them
  • The smartest, most effective ways to develop extra products or services to sell to audiences or companies. This may include online trainings, audio product, workbooks, courses, consulting, etc.
  • How to get speakers bureaus to work with you
  • Best ways to select, train and work with a personal booking agent (or how to do it yourself until you can afford to hire one)
  • How to use your resume to dive deep into a well-paying niche or industry
  • Solid, consistent candid feedback, encourage, smart advice for you (and your staff) and post-event debriefings on your speeches so you can strategize ways to grow your career bigger faster.
  • Wendy’s Assistance Comes with These Promises:

    • You will learn how to build the business components along the way – what to do, when to do it, how to do it, the names of recommended third parties (if relevant) and even (if you wish) who to hire and how you can use/train them to help you achieve your success now.
    • You get live phone sessions with Wendy every other week to help you stay on course. Each live session can be recorded for your review.
    • You are welcome to invite members of your team to participate in the calls and/or any online material you are given access to during this program.
    • Priority response to your emails to Wendy – your emails will be read first
    • Content and Copy Review – edits and honest feedback on any written materials you send – from your book proposal to your speech notes to your website copy, blogs, video scripts, etc. for the duration of the program
    • Constant kindness, clear direction and absolute candor. Wendy calls it like she sees it, no fluff. Her honed perspective is meant to help you get where you said you wanted to go as quickly, efficiently and confidently as possible.


    It will be like you have a “friend in the business”!

    “Thanks for all of your help. You are incredible. I’ve always felt I was good but I want to be great. I’m not used to being pushed and I like it. You are like the trainer in the gym, making me go another set. Thank you for your honesty, I value it. I trust people more that I know won’t mince words and speak their mine. Working with you, I know I am on the road from good to great. I have a long way to go but I progress.” – Permission pending

    How This Works:

    1. You and Wendy have an initial interview to talk about your goals, what your ideas are and where you are right now. This will allow you to see if you and Wendy have “business chemistry” and allow Wendy to determine if you have the personality and the content that is likely to result in the level of success you desire. Please don’t feel bad if you are turned down. This is a very intense commitment on both your parts, so it must be a good match to proceed.

    2. You both sign a simple Letter of Agreement and you make the first monthly payment. You agree to be 100% responsible for your results. Do not enroll if you aren’t prepared to put in the effort! Wendy’s advice will be customized to you and your situation, co-created with you, but only you can make it happen for yourself. Average length of term: 4-5 months. Cancel or pause at any time.

    3. You and Wendy will talk every other week for the duration of your enrollment. You will also have her direct email and personal cell phone number if something urgent comes up. During each call, you will talk about your progress and be given concise assignments to take you one step further toward your goal. Go as fast or as slow as your schedule allows.

    4. You will be listened to and respected. Together, you will agree upon a strategy. Wendy will give you clear, specific direction, advice and steps to take to move you toward your goal. You will choose the time frame in which you/your team can turn in the work. Wendy will then personally edit/read/comment on copy you deliver and get it back to you promptly.

    5. Everything that can be done to help you, support you, guide and encourage you to achieve the next level of success as a speaker and/or author will be done.

    Ready to get started?

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