Sample Release

Below are two release forms we use at Keller Media.

They are provided as examples only. We are not attorneys. We are not responsible if you use our forms, get sued, lose your business and end up living in a cardboard box in an alley somewhere. We STRONGLY recommend you get your attorney to review these before you use them. You have our permission to use ours as general templates. You can even download them below. The instant you choose to use our forms, with or without modifications, you agree to irrevocably indemnify Keller Media, Inc., its employees, stockholders, clients, stake holders, investors, vendors, advisors, Facebook friends and pets completely and without limitation from any damages or other bad things that might happen to you because you were too lazy or too cheap to show it to your own attorney.

(If that didn’t scare you into having your own attorney check them out, nothing will!)

The one on the left is for filming.  The one on the right is for interviews and could be easily adapted for written testimonials.

They will need to be modified for your specific purposes, but the phrase “in any form or format” seems to be the main thing in releases, likewise the phrase “in perpetuity.” We have written these in super simple language to make sure everyone who signs them, no matter their native language or IQ level, understands exactly what’s going on.




Want to download these in Word format so you can mess around with them? Be our guest!




Having a release form is one thing.

Knowing how to use the content or testimonials
to help you grow your business is another.

If you want some focused, intensely valuable help with that, just click here.