How to Write a Great Press Release


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There are two kinds of stories that get picked up…

News stories (about factual things) and Feature stories (about things that elicit an emotional response)

Here are the most common types used by small businesses, authors, content or product creators, speakers or someone putting on an event. Feel free to download, edit, and modify them any way you like. (Note: Other types of press releases businesses put out include Personnel Announcements (which only seem to get attention if your company is publicly traded); and New Product or Service Announcements (which perform a lot better if you are the Chief Marketing Officer for Apple, American Express or Coca-Cola).

Tips and Lists Based Releases

Journalists love tips and lists! The more concise the better. The most popular numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10, as in “The Top Ten…” or “3 Great Ways to…”

To download a Tips-Based Press Release, click here.

Commentary Release

In The Ultimate Guide to Platform Building book, I talk a lot about this fool-proof method for attracting journalists. The idea is that you comment on an important news or popular feature story and accomplish two goals: you position yourself as a credible expert and you get more media to add to your cache.

To download a Commentary Based Press Release based on a research study, click here.

To download a Commentary Based Press Release based on a features story, click here.

Event Announcement

An event release is used when you are doing something big and splashy in the world. For instance, launching a contest, awarding a prize; you’ve won an award, released a book and are having a launch party, your expedition travel company just started doing trips to Kenya, you’re having a (rare) live seminar, conference or workshop; you are having a Grand Opening for your second location, that kind of thing. Something people in your industry, your town or your network actually care about.

To download a Standard Event Announcement, click here.

You are completely welcome to edit these any way you see fit!

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