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Here are the basics.

If you want to get paid to speak, these are the three basic steps you want to take:

1. Have content that matches the needs of your intended audience. This is a big problem with writers and speakers – they have not crafted a message that is new, different, better or offers people more than they can get from the thousands (millions?) of competitors.

2. Present yourself effectively. Before you’re hired to speak, you need to have an excellent “demo reel” – a short montage of videos of you speaking at different events. You want to be cogent, informative, ideally a little bit funny, engaging, wise, etc. For info on how to create a spectacular demo reel, click below.

3. Pitch yourself (or have someone else pitch you) to the right places. This is a matter of being smart, in most cases. Find places that need your message and gently sell them on your solution.

Your speech should provide some combination of these factors:

Educate + Inform + Inspire + Entertain

A lot of that depends on your skill on the platform, yes. And there’s more to it than I can possibly write in a short post. (I consult people on this all the time!) But these are the same three basic elements that separate Tony Robbins from Joe Schmoe. Apply them – they work!

To craft a BRILLIANT speaker demo reel, click here. click here

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