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themirrortest-wendykellerWe are THRILLED to announce that today our client Jeff Hayzlett, author, speaker and former CMO of Kodak, and his co-author the unusually gifted Jim Eber had their book “The Mirror Test” chosen as one of Inc. magazine’s prestigious TOP THREE BUSINESS BOOKS of 2010!

This is a HUGE honor for us all, including me and everyone here at Keller Media, and our brilliant editor Rick Wolff, Vice President at Hachette and one of the most well-respected business book editors in the business.  It took me fifteen years of chasing Hayzlett to get this fabulous book out of him.  (Don’t even ASK me to tell you what his first title idea was – shudder!)

We are ecstatic that our book has helped so many business owners worldwide that it has resulted in this very prestigious award!  Good work, everyone!

To order a copy of this book for everyone on your Christmas list, click the cover image.

To book Jeff Hayzlett to speak at your upcoming event, call (800) 278-8706 x707.

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