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I suspect FEAR is why most people who tell me they want to write or speak…never really dig in. I teach people the HOW but they have to be brave enough to DO it. Yesterday, I was explaining my job to a new friend, “So someone with a platform wants to get a book deal with a major publisher, usually so they can grow their business/become a speaker or consultant/achieve fame on their topic. I have them write a book proposal to my precise specifications and then I sell it…”

He interrupted and said, “What if you don’t?”

“What if I don’t what?”

“Sell it.”

I had to think about his question. Finally, I responded, “Well, if they do what I tell them to grow a platform and write the proposal properly, of course I’ll sell it.”

I’ve been reflecting on this. Of COURSE there are stubborn people; people who won’t even start to build a platform; or who insist that their book idea can’t be strengthened by my input despite ~30 years doing this.

I just chalk that up to fear. They’re afraid to change or to get what they keep saying they want. I can’t think of any other reason. I don’t make this stuff up. I simply sell books and turn people into paid speakers and consultants. It’s actually easy.

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