Demo Filming Event

Do the people who hire speakers know how good you are?

Can they see how valuable your message would be to their people?

The #1 factor that causes a meeting planner hire a speaker – out of the many they can choose from – is the quality of their “demo reel”. The better your performance on your demo reel, the more likely you are to get hired.

  • If you are a new speaker looking to get paid (more than a few hundred bucks), come to the next Demo Filming Event.
  • If you are an existing speaker who wants ample time, support, stage direction and/or space to lay down new, better, fresher content, come to the next Demo Filming Event.

The Demo Filming Event

For two glorious days, you are the star!  

You get to work with our team to make you look and sound as perfect as possible. Then you get to perform on professionally designed stage, with a cameraman and ideal lighting, live coached by an experienced stage director who will be guiding, supporting, encouraging and helping you to get great footage of your best performance.  

That means you can express yourself fully in a friendly, calm environment, without the pressure of a big audience.  You can take your time – or retake it – speaking precisely about what you want every meeting planner to see and hear when they are considering you for their next big event. 

What we give you: 
  • Two professionally designed stage settings over this two-day event
  • Ideal lighting for your skin tone
  • Hair and makeup done by a Hollywood professional
  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Stage direction
  • Pre-event consulting and rehearsal via Zoom (by request)

Limited Number of Participants – Preference Given to Wendy Keller’s Clients

Offered just once per year

How it works:

We hire the highest caliber professionals from Hollywood and the speaking industry. Then we join together to support you so that you can deliver the best possible performance to use as the basis of your demo reel. We will make it look like you gave two excellent speeches in front of two huge corporate audiences.  That way, when meeting planners see your demo reel, they will be impressed that you are apparently already being hired to speak to large groups, presumably for high fees, and they will naturally want to follow suit.   Perception is reality in the speaking industry.

We do everything in our power to help you feel comfortable and relaxed; make you look fabulous; help you appear as someone who does this all the time; and guide you to deliver the shining gems of wisdom that you know will attract your ideal audience.

Speaking is an image business.

A mumbling football player with no cogent message often gets paid as much as someone who has been honing their platform presence and their message for a decade.  

A lowly speaker who is used to getting only a few thousand per presentation can shift the meeting planners’ perception, increase their number of bookings per year, and catapult what they get paid…just by upgrading their demo reel.

An author, academic, scientist or businessperson who has excellent content often finds that just by providing a demo reel that best represents his or her ideas in a measured, high-quality way, they can elegantly open themselves to an influx of opportunities.

Perception becomes reality.

Look like a big deal, expensive, accomplished speaker, Get paid like a big deal, expensive, accomplished speaker.

What is NOT a demo reel?

  • Just a link to you teaching a course via Zoom
  • Your YouTube video(s)
  • A link to a Tedx talk, especially one that doesn’t have many views yet 
  • The footage of you with a dry erase marker, talking over a room full of people eating lunch
  • The poorly-done split screen video of you on a podcast
  • A handful of snippets of you on television shows…in the 90s or earlier
  • Footage from when you looked quite different 
  • A video someone took for you on their iPhone from the back of the room

Speakers with that kind of “demo reel” have trouble getting more than peanuts for their presentations, if they get booked at all. But a well-shot, well-orchestrated, well-lit demo reel of you saying precisely what you need to say is how you move up to a sustainable professional level with your speaking. It’s how you get to the next level.

The Schedule


You are invited – but not obligated – to have two pre-event Zoom coaching sessions with Wendy Keller. During the first one, you will identify, clarify and narrow down the content you want to focus on, so that you have your “snippets” perfectly prepared for our event and ready to have impact on any meeting planner.  

The second session is for rehearsal. Via Zoom, you will stand and deliver your proposed content in front of Wendy, and she may offer suggestions for even more improvement.  It’s then up to you to rehearse so you’re ready for the filming event, ideally without notes.

  • We offer complimentary ground transportation from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for those who meet our driver at the airport at 3 PM.  Thousand Oaks is about an hour away, depending on traffic.
  • You are invited to our pre-event waterfront “Getting to Know You” dinner party that evening. 
  • Upon registration, we will share with you a list of local hotels you may wish to consider.
  • Please plan to be at the venue at 9 AM Pacific time.  
  • Bring your wardrobe (instructions on what to bring will be sent in advance)
  • You will meet with our hair/makeup artist on a specific schedule
  • We will provide snacks and have lunch brought in
  • Every participant will get ample time to be filmed on stage, doing snippets of their best speech. This may include anecdotes, stories, statements, humor, whatever you most want to capture.
  • You will be provided with extensive, compassionate, encouraging, helpful stage direction.  Participants often say this is one of the biggest benefits of the entire event.
  • You are encouraged to stay the entire day to learn, observe, get ideas, grow as a speaker
  • We should be done by approximately 4 PM
DAY 3:
  • Please plan to be at the venue by 9 AM Pacific
  • Everything will be the same as the day before, except you will be even better when it is your turn to be on stage because overnight, you will have thought up new ideas for how to perform better, how to add the “sparkle factor” to your snippets and may have even been inspired to add something completely new and daring!
  • We should be done by 4 PM.   Please consider that it will be Friday, which means we will likely be 1-1.5 hours from LAX any time after noon, and the airport is very busy then. You may miss your second filming slot if you take an earlier flight.
  • You are invited to a “Wrap Party” dinner afterward, where you can unwind and enjoy yourself, knowing you did your job well. 
Four to Six Weeks Later…

You will get a link to your footage, which you can send to your preferred video team to splice into your best demo reel.  Or, if you are hiring our highly recommended provider “Creative Realm”, whose principal is the director of filming at this event, then their team combine your new footage with whatever else you have that you like so that they can help you fashion the best demo reel you are capable of creating. 

Your Investment in Your Future as a Paid Speaker is just $5,000 USD.

Space is limited – Wendy’s clients have precedence