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  By Wendy Keller, Literary Agent and Business Owner   Building a brand for yourself or your business should be the question that keeps you up at night. If you get your brand right, leads will convert to prospects and your cash flow will steadily increase.   If you work as a(n): Independent sales pro (real estate, […]

By Wendy Keller, Literary Agent and Business Owner If you’ve got a book inside your head or your hard drive; in print or in digital form; published or self-published…and you also own a business, this article is meant for you: Getting published is the best way to leap into the minds of your prospects, customers, […]

If you want to get your book published by a real publisher, you may be making a crucial error that will cost you your dream. Every single aspect of how books are bought and published in the US has changed in the last 36 months.  Few would-be authors have access to the information they must […]

By Megan Close Zavala, Literary Agent This is a continuation in a series of columns about mistakes that even the greatest writers make.  If you’d like to check out that the earlier posts, please click here: What Good Writers Do Badly, Part I What Good Writers Do Badly, Part II   #7: They Procrastinate I […]

  Dear Literary Agent, I have written a book about relationships that I would like to get published.  I know that I need to build a platform, but I’m too overwhelmed by how much there is to do.  I don’t even know where to get started!  Why isn’t it good enough that I have a […]

“Everybody has at least one book in them.” Business owners, entrepreneurs, career climbers and brand builders who write books* easily differentiate themselves from the huddled masses yearning to make a buck. Life coaches, doctors, consultants, professional speakers, therapists, lawyers, CPAs and pretty much anyone with a service to sell would benefit enormously from writing a […]

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost authors want their book to do something for them.  It’s pretty pointless to just publish or self-publish a book if you don’t have a Master Plan in the back of your mind about how you’re going to use your book to achieve an objective.  The most common reason I hear?  People want their book […]

And what YOU can do to get yours by Wendy Keller, literary agent since 1989 Ahhh, for the good ol’ days!  The days when a gifted writer could just tie a fresh ascot and then sit down at his Smith-Corona to write some lovely prose.  Sooner or later, some incredibly good looking, elegantly coiffed agent […]

What it REALLY means when we (or anyone else) rejects your book by Wendy Keller If it’s happened again -we or another agency has rejected your project again, don’t get discouraged.  Don’t waste your time getting angry.  Certainly don’t deduce that we’re all idiots.  Don’t decided willy-nilly that you will just self-publish and prove us […]

Written by Wendy Keller Getting a publisher is a bit of a game. The game starts at Go, just like Monopoly. Go find out if anyone cares about your content besides you, by writing articles, blog posts, Tweets and guest comments all over the web about your ideas. Go find yourself a quiet spot and […]