How long have you wanted a real publishing contract?


To get a real publisher, every nonfiction book needs a proposal.


A book proposal is a very specific, carefully crafted document intended to attract literary agents and publishers to your proposed nonfiction book. It should convey not only your book concept, but who you are and how you will participate in promoting your book…and clarify why you feel confident your book will be successful in the marketplace.

Every nonfiction book editor uses the author’s proposal to decide if your book is a smart book for their company to publish.  You get one shot – make it a good one!

The 3 Ways to Get a Fabulous Proposal Written:

  1. Hire a professional proposal writer whose work on similar topics has sold to A-list publishers like Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, HarperCollins, Hachette, etc.  This will run you anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on your idea and your platform.  (Having that person write the book with/for you will cost extra!)
  2. Take your best shot and write it yourself.  The proposal is not meant to be a stellar piece of writing!  It is meant to be a sales tool. If you try to follow one of the online “proposal writing guides” or even a published book on the topic, chances are it is written by someone who is *NOT* a literary agent (and thus has no clue what it really takes to sell a book).  The fact that the author of such a guide may have their own book(s) sold using their method has nothing to do with you.  Be careful! Choose wisely. Sometimes, a proposal-writing guide was written before 2008 when Amazon changed the world. That means you could be wasting your time. At least that mistake will only cost you time and about $20.   Using a generic guide usually won’t help you to fit your concept into their model well enough to attract publishing professionals. (If you’ve been rejected a lot, this could be why!)
  3. Get actual, real, live personalized developmental help.  Keller Media has assembled a team of experienced, excellent freelance editors who help YOU prepare the best proposal you are capable of preparing under our guidance… a six-session, eight-week online interactive course taught *LIVE* by senior agent Wendy Keller.


Get Wendy Keller Copywriter Course

With Our Book Proposal Writing Course, You WILL Get Your Proposal DONE in 6 Sessions!

You want to learn how to create excellent nonfiction book proposals, for your current great idea…and all your future ones? There’s no other simple, proven online course that will give you clear guidelines PLUS real editorial feedback for such a low investment.

This course is taught LIVE by senior agent Wendy Keller.  You have the option to attend the live session (usually about 45 minutes long) and/or to watch the video replay at your leisure.  This will help if you want to review or if you couldn’t make it to the live class or if you are not a resident of USA and thus the times don’t work for you. 

Each lesson focuses on one of the 5 basic parts of a book proposal, helping you to understand WHY each section is critical to your success, and how to influence how the editors are thinking when they read your words.

In a relaxed, comfortable way, you will be guided to create your very best proposal. Wendy has taught her unique and much-complimented (by editors and now-published authors) system, so it is properly paced. You will have ample time to do this proposal properly, no matter how busy your schedule.

After every class, you will get a “homework assignment” based on that week’s session, with a reasonable deadline for working adults. When you turn in the assignment,  one of our editors will read it and give you valuable feedback so that you understand how a publishing professional may see your work. Now is the time, while it is safe, to make any necessary changes.

At the end of the course, all that will remain is for you to just add one or two sample chapters and FINALLY be ready to start shopping your excellent proposal to literary agents and publishers.  Imagine that! You’ll do it easily and with ultimate levels of support.

Clients who have worked with Wendy and her team:

“I have rewritten my book proposal six times in the last two years but I never felt confident sending it out. I can’t believe how easy you made this. Thank you so much. I really believe it reflects my book well now.”
– Scott Litman

“Wendy, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the program, but you made it so easy and clear. I am honestly looking forward to showing my book to agents…”
– Candace Pfeiffer

Seriously easy. Where were you and this course five years ago?”
– Neil T., New Zealand

“I didn’t expect what I got. You and your editors really put your heart and soul into helping me write this. Now I can finally help many more people get in touch with their spiritual nature. Thank you for the gift of this course.”
– Naomi Redstone

“I most enjoyed your asides during the course.  You’re tough and funny, and the insider perspective opened my eyes to how this whole process works.”
– Herman Gloucester

Book Proposal Writing Workshop

Six-session online interactive course taught *LIVE* by senior agent Wendy Keller. Attend live, watch video replays, get EDITORIAL SUPPORT and direction.

Get Wendy PLUS a team of experienced editors help, support and guide you to create your best nonfiction proposal now.

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Two important caveats:

  1. Your enrollment in this course does not imply that Keller Media will represent you or this book. Please be clear about that.
  2. We will not change your idea. We will give feedback in the form of “developmental editing”. That means we will tell you the thoughts and questions that are likely to occur to any experienced publishing professional when they are reading your material, and invite you to consider making changes.  We are not here to tell you if your core concept is “good” or “bad”, only to help you bring it to light in the best possible way.