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Dodinsky signing books

An Amazing Success Story

This is our client, best selling author Dodinsky, signing books in Texas at a recent event.  He was a real find!  We got his query, in which he mentioned his 35,000+ Facebook followers.

Wendy called him immediately – 35K is an excellent platform!

By the time she put the book up for sale, 11 other agents had also contacted him, but it was too late!  She sold the book very quickly in an auction won by a sharp-eyed editor at Sourcebooks, one of the largest independent publishers in the country.  By that time, Dodinsky had grown (in just a few weeks!) to over 65K Facebook followers.

Wendy sold his second book in August, 2013.  Dodinsky’s work can be found at many FB sites, the most popular now being this one:  Just this one page has 1.2 MILLION followers!

The book became a New York Times best seller in April 2013.  He’s obviously got a finger on the heartbeat of the world!  We love this guy!

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